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Deep in the forest lives a spooky sorceress known only to the nearby townsfolk as the “Red Bean Witch”. Feared by many, she is believed to be summoning great dark magic when the occasional boom rattles the windows and eardrums of anyone nearby. In an attempt to spare themselves, the villagers venture into the woods to scatter bones as an offering.

What the town doesn’t know is that these terrible explosions are necessary to realising the Red Bean Witch’s true desire: to construct the most elaborate magical puzzles this world has ever known! Also, her loyal dog, Choco, sometimes runs out of bones.

Witchy Workshop is a physics-based puzzle game where you help solve the Red Bean Witch’s puzzles as her dog, Choco. Our first release features a limited number of parts and premade puzzles, similar to a demo. Subsequent releases are slated to include sandbox puzzle building and sharing, improved elemental simulation, more types of magic, animals, additional magical and non-magical parts, and the “Ultimate Woof Power”, Choco’s secret weapon.


Download the Witchy Workshop accessibility report (.ods spreadsheet)
Compatible with most major spreadsheet applications (such as LibreOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel)

Download the Witchy Workshop Readme (.txt file)


A variety of parts magical, alchemical, and mechanical!

Conveyor belts and crossbows mingle with gemstones and crystal balls. Setting off fireworks with a candle might normally be a bad idea, but in the Workshop’s noble pursuit of puzzle-solving, there’s no such thing as a bad idea!

Lots of puzzles!

Tutorial puzzles help you learn about the magic and machines of the Workshop – then test your skills in 30+ puzzles over three levels of difficulty!

Learn about parts with the Codex

The Codex has a descriptive page for every part in the game, alongside the Red Bean Witch’s comments. Don’t know what mandrake juice could possibly be useful for? Me either, but she knows!

Accessibility and performance in mind

Witchy Workshop supports resolutions all the way down to 640×480, runs well on older machines, and has performance and accessibility options, such as disabling animated elements and toggling piece outlines. An accessibility report will be available upon release.

You can be a dog that solves puzzles

Most games don’t do this!


If you want to report a bug or feedback about Witchy Workshop:

Deerbell Discord: https://discord.gg/KTURFnz
Email (for bugs): bugs@deerbell.games
Email (for everything else): deerbell@deerbell.games

If you’re reporting a bug, *please* attach debuglog.txt, log.txt, and wwsettings.ini, which can be found in C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\WitchyWorkshop. As a shortcut, you can also type %localappdata% in Windows Explorer and press Enter, then navigate to the WitchyWorkshop folder. We may not be able to track the issue down otherwise!